Welcome to Beckmann’s High Point Labs

The Pointing Lab is a gun dog that any hunter would enjoy for uplands hunting as well as a traditional retriever for water fowl.

The Pointing Labrador Retriever has long been a top choice for the hunter wanting endurance, energy, and natural instinct in the field.

What are Pointing Labs & Gun Dogs?

The Pointing Lab has a natural instinct to freeze when locating the scent cone of a bird or on sight of a live bird. Pointing is a genetically carried behavior.

Most trainers and hunters will tell you that you cannot teach a dog to point. The pointing characteristic can be passed on if only one parent points and at the same time it might not be passed on when both parents point. There is no definitive data regarding how pointing is carried and passed on. In addition, there are no reliable statistics regarding percentage of a litter that will point.